Learning Pods and the Future of Work

Dr. Dan Hill is employing learning pods, working groups of six people, to help organizations deliver content, develop critical skills, facilitate teamwork, and foster leadership. We believe that Dr. Hill’s learning pods will positively influence the future of work.

“So, I was already leaning towards this idea of six people. A [work team] should be no larger than can be fed with two large pizzas.”

The term learning pods trends high in social media, because many parents across the country are using them to teach and supplement learning for their children who are homebound because of the pandemic. Now learning pods are benefitting the workforce.

Learning pods may actually find their greatest utility with people who strive for the future of work doing meaningful work.

In this episode, Dr. Hill explains:

  • The learning pod for people who work. Starts at 6:28
  • How learning pods may become useful for people on Zoom. Starts at 11:46
  • Why a team of six people in a learning pod is optimal. Starts at 14:00
  • His thoughts on the future of meetings and conference attendance. Starts at 15:30
  • How learning pods will inform the future of work. Starts at 20:20

Dr. Hill also describes his latest book writing project, The Devil’s Dictionary of Work Life. Starts at 28:22

About our guest:

Dan Hill, Ph.D. is a world recognized facial coding expert and founder and president of the consultancy Sensory Logic, Inc. He received a Masters in Creative Writing from Brown University and a Ph.D. in English from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Further, Dr. Hill earned Facial Action Coding Systems Certification from the Paul Ekman Group. He lives and works in St. Paul, Minnesota.

EPISODE DATE: September 18, 2020

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