Localism Shapes the Future of Work

One thing is clear: localism shapes the future of work.

This week, we re-visit our 2018 interview with Doug Ross and Morley Winograd. They are, with Mike Hais, the co-authors of the book Healing American Democracy: Going Local.

When Joe Biden becomes President on January 20, 2021, he will engage with a deeply divided government. Meantime, real governing power is “going local” by moving to our nation’s city councils and county boards.

And besides, local lawmakers, not the president nor Congress, will scale our nation’s economy and drive the future of work.

In this episode, Doug and Morley discuss how localism shapes the future of work. They:

  • Explain why so many Americans have lost faith in our current top-down form of American Democracy. Starts at 4:47
  • Define their concept of “constitutional localism” and describe how it would operate and provide benefit. Starts at 7:05
  • Illustrate how “turning scale upside down” to create and staff smaller numbers of new jobs—dozens versus thousands—would help local communities thrive. Starts at 20:01
  • Identify how localism can become the linchpin for success in creating more meaningful work opportunities. Starts at 23:47

Furthermore, as localism shapes the future of work, Morley says:

“People aren’t trying to create the next Budweiser. [They are trying to create] the next IPA that they can sell in the local bar and to drive a nice little employment world that is self-contained and capable of hiring and keeping people at work in their community.”

About our guests:


Doug Ross and Morley Winograd are nationally known and respected political practitioners who cross solid data and wishful thinking to paint a hopeful portrait of America based on the idea of constitutional localism.

Doug was a state senator from Michigan and a U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. Morley is a Senior Fellow at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School Center on Communication and Leadership Policy. He was a Michigan state political party chair and White House Senior Policy Advisor to Vice President Al Gore. Along with their co-author Mike Hais, they’ve written six books between them.

EPISODE DATE: November 20, 2020

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