Designing Work From Home Space

Designing work from home space is mission critical in the age of the pandemic and the future or work.

Leah Margolis Nathan is responding to her clients’ needs for intentional space to work and conduct Zoom meetings.

Based in Saratoga, New York, Leah helps her clients to brilliantly reimagine their square footage to live and work. What is more, she carves out beautiful and functional areas for kids in the household to participate in virtual classroom instruction.

In this wide ranging episode, Leah digs into designing work from home space. She:

  • Introduces Leah Margolis Design and the range of services that it provides clients. Starts at 2:18
  • Discusses the challenges of creating space for both living and working. Starts at 3:00
  • Relates the concerns of her clients who use Zoom to conduct meetings from home. Starts at 10:04
  • Describes decór and other parameters for staging a Zoom backdrop. Starts at 11:36
  • Considers how work from home will influence new residential design. Starts at 13:44
  • Provides guidance on color choices. Starts at 18:04
  • Ponders the future of traditional home spaces like dining rooms. Starts at 22:02

Leah describes how her clients first responded in early 2020 to Covid stay at home orders:

“People [at home] were going to grab folding tables to create their own desk or office arrangement.”

We believe that millions of workforce professionals who’ve pivoted to work from anywhere will be designing work from home space.

About our guest:

Leah Margolis Nathan received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Skidmore College. In 2009, after working with several leading design firms, Leah founded Leah Margolis Design LLC. She lives and works in Saratoga, New York.

EPISODE DATE: February 5, 2021

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