Finding Success in Indepdendent Work

Dan Smolen interviews  Overflow PBC co-founder and CEO Laura Marella on finding success in independent work.

Laura co-founded Overflow PBC to help solo-entrepreneur marketing and strategy professionals succeed.

In 2021, the rise of independent benefitted people who compete for business with large firms and agencies.

As a business accelerator and professional community, Overflow PBC provides independent professionals with specialized tools and resources that they need to compete effectively with big enterprises. What is more, Overflow connects “indies” to a large and growing ecosystem of likeminded people.

Laura describes the brand’s unique value proposition, in people finding success in independent work:

“Instead of being a marketplace of consultants, [we wanted] to create a marketplace for consultants.”

In this episode, Laura:

  • Introduces Overflow PBC. Starts at 4:20
  • Explains how Overflow PBC members may overcome their skill gaps or cavities. Starts at 13:43
  • Describes how a growing sector of independent workers will benefit from the Gig Economy. Starts at 16:16
  • Supports her belief in Stakeholder Capitalism. Starts at 20:38
  • Recalls how experience as a “corporate escapee” informs her current work as an independent strategist. Starts at 25:20

Overflow PBC is a certified public benefit corporation (b corp) chartered in the State of Delaware. Its founding members are located across the globe. 

People finding success in independent work is a breakthrough story of 2021. And it will impact the future of work for years to come.

About our guest:

Laura Marella received a Bachelor of Science in Communications Management from Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications. During her years in the agency space, Laura gained a national reputation for excellence in multi-cultural marketing. She lives and works in Southern California.

EPISODE DATE: December 10, 2021

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