SWOT to Focus on Career Success

Dan Smolen says people should use SWOT to focus on career success.

That’s right. The time-honored business management tool, the SWOT analysis, can help careerists to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Getting to blissful work and experiences takes great planning and imagination. And this time-honored business tool can focus our minds on finding and doing meaningful work.

SWOT helps entrepreneurs focus for career success. That is, because, it prepares brands, businesses and themselves for abundant scale. And there is no doubt that SWOT can also help us supercharge our careers.

What are your career strengths?

Perhaps it is strong project management skill? Or maybe it is a strings of sales successes? Whatever they are, list them.

What are your career weaknesses?

Perhaps you lack access to the kind of training you fell will make your career successful. Identify and list them.

What are your career opportunities?

Maybe you seek work in EVs or renewable energy? Dream about them, then list them.

What are your career threats?

Suppose that you are used to working remotely, and you enjoy the experience, but your company leadership wants you back in the co-location? Whatever renders you career threatened, list them on the form.

I’m certain you will find benefit in using SWOT to focus career success. With it, you will establish the foundation for your career empowerment story. With a starting point, you will begin  the first big step in making the work that you do, or hope to do, truly meaningful.

EPISODE DATE: January 7, 2022