A Startup Parent’s Workplace Culture Fix

Dan Smolen discusses a startup parent’s workplace culture fix with entrepreneur and podcaster Sarah K. Peck.

Sarah is the CEO and founder of Start Up Parent and host of the popular Start Up Parent Podcast.

As a former start up executive, and the mom of two young children, Sarah is leading the charge to improve start-up business environments. To that end, she wants start-up enterprises to become as innovative in workplace culture as they are in technological advancement. Sarah truly is impacting the future of work for noble purpose. 

In a wide ranging interview, Sarah:

  • Introduces Start Up Parent and its value to workforce professionals. Starts at 4:17
  • Recalls her career journey as a start-up executive and chief corporate storyteller. Starts at 5:54
  • Discusses how “frenetic” start-ups impede cultural innovation at work. Starts at 8:58
  • Offers insight on how to change the narrative to make start-ups a better place for parents to work. Starts at 17:48
  • Provides a personal account of being a business professional and mom. Starts at 34:17
  • Describes the kinds of questions working parents should ask to further their future work goals. Starts at 43:12

Sarah’s startup parent’s workplace culture fix helps this space become more hospitable.

About our guest:

Sarah K. Peck earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Biology from Denison University and a Masters of Arts in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. She lives and works outside of New York City.

EPISODE DATE: January 21, 2022

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