Is it Time for a Resume Redo?

On What’s Your Work Fit we posed this question: is it time for a resume redo?

This week, acclaimed career coach and principal of Career Organic Briar Dougherty answers this and other important questions.

This is clear: a mistake that most professionals make with their resumes is in failing to include key words that drive Applicant Tracking Software. ATS is now utilized by most hiring managers to draw best candidate resumes to the top of the stack.

Is it time for a resume redo? YES, especially if you are stuck in your career and want to venture into different fields.

Nowadays, resume writing is more science than art. But a few clever hacks done well can really make your resume stand out.

Following Briar’s Category Resume Template Example, start with a summary statement that provides your unique value proposition and your WHY. Continue with a bullet-pointed block of skills and attributes that mesh well with the job that you want.

During this information packed episode, Briar answers “what’s your work fit?’ Her vision will surely resonate with many career professionals, especially those who’ve taken an entrepreneurial journey.

About our guest:

Briar Dougherty is the founder and CEO of Career Organic which helps scores of professionals with career coaching, strategy development and resume writing and editing. She lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.

This episode originated as a live show on January 24, 2023. You can watch the show in its entirety on the What’s Your Work Fit YouTube Channel.

EPISODE DATE: January 27, 2023

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