How Can I Give Sage Advice to My Direct Reports?

On What’s Your Work Fit we pose this viewer question: How Can I Give Sage Advice to My Direct Reports?

Our guest is Cristina DiGiacomo.

Cristina is an organizational change expert and a practical philosopher who provides CEOs and entrepreneurs guided spaces for deeper thinking. With Cristina’s help, they motivate themselves to achieve greater success with direction and determination.

This week’s lead question was posed by What’s Your Work Fit? viewer Benno:

Benno is a senior team leader for a major insurance company. He freely admits that he was not a great student of philosophy in college and did everything he could to avoid Philosophy 101, one of the handful of elective courses available to him at his state university.

Years later, Benno has done well in his career and currently leads a team of about 20 managers. The work is challenging and the demands on his team (from the C-suite) can be unrelenting. Benno’s run out of his bag of tricks–and sports metaphors–to keep his team inspired, engaged, and happy.

So, in a hat-tip to the philosophy course he avoided in college, Benno asks: how can I give sage advice to my direct reports?

During this information packed episode, Cristina also answers “what’s your work fit?’ Her personal vision surely will resonate with many career professionals.

About our guest:

Cristina DiGiacomo is an organizational change expert and practical philosopher. She lives and works in New York City.

This episode originated as a live show on August 2, 2023. You can watch the show in its entirety on the What’s Your Work Fit YouTube Channel.

EPISODE DATE: August 11, 2023

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