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How Can We Support Mental Health at Work?

On What’s Your Work Fit we pose this viewer question: How Can We Support Mental Health at Work?

Answering that question and others is our guest, Hannah Rose.

Hannah is a licensed clinical professional counselor and clinical supervisor and Founder and Clinical Director of Rose Wellness based in Baltimore, Maryland.

This week’s lead question was posed by What’s Your Work Fit? viewer Mary:

Mary is an HR lead at a Washington, D.C. area nonprofit. While interacting with headcount, Mary intuited that the level of mental distress in the organization’s staff had increased considerably. During 2023, there were numerous signs of distress including the mile-wide stares that she saw on the faces of so many Zoom group call attendees, but also that staff took a lot more sick days than in years past.

And Mary found that remarkable because staff at this nonprofit has venue flexibility in choosing where they get to work.

Like so many, her nonprofit is working hard to increase its funding and donations. And the pressure on staff to raise revenue has never been greater. And yet, Mary feels that the higher ups have turned a blind eye to the wellness of its people in a workplace now bordering on toxic.

So, Mary asks: How Can We Support Mental Health at Work?

Some listeners may also recognize Hannah from Season 45 of CBS‘s hit reality TV show Survivor, the series on which, during Fall 2023, she was a contestant. In this podcast episode, she describes her unusual experience on the show, beginning with her first casting video, her reason for ultimately quitting the competition, and the piece she eventually authored and that Johns Hopkins published called The Art of Quitting.

During this information packed episode, we discover Hanna’s answer to the question “what’s your work fit?’ Her personal vision surely will resonate with many career professionals.

About our guest:

Hannah Rose is the Founder and Clinical Director of Rose Wellness. She lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland.

This episode originated as a live show on January 10, 2024. You can watch the show in its entirety on the What’s Your Work Fit YouTube Channel.

EPISODE DATE: January 19, 2024

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