Tribal Lessons Foster Meaningful Work

Serial entrepreneur Isar Meitis’ tribal lessons foster meaningful work.

About this episode: 

“In my core, I’m a teacher. If there was a great way to make a living as a teacher, I’d be a teacher. I thrive when I teach.”

– Isar Meitis, Founder of the e-tribe

Isar Meitis‘ life story and experience are truly inspiring.

With a deep passion for teaching and empowering people, Isar provides tribal lessons to manage our time and priorities, be attentive to our family and friends, and still do the meaningful work of our dreams.

In this episode, Isar describes:

  • The e-tribe and its mission to help people become successful. Starts at 1:53
  • His time-management best practices. Starts at 9:12
  • How we all can explore and do meaningful work. Starts at 23:24

Useful hack: Isar uses the free Trello app to fulfill his project and time management needs.

About our guest:

As a young man, Isar Meitis piloted a fighter jet. The experience trained him to make split-second decisions and yet remain grounded and focused after each mission. His intense military training pivoted him to a successful career as a high tech executive and serial start-up entrepreneur who today offers tribal lessons for living a successful life doing meaningful work. Isar graduated from the IAF Flight School and earned a Masters in Business Administration from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College. He lives and works in Orlando, Florida.

EPISODE DATE: July 17, 2020

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