Can Work Make You Healthy?

Can work make you healthy? It’s a provocative question with an interesting answer.

“I truly believe that work as a medium is the purest way, and perhaps the only way, to think about actually discovering health.”

– Denise Brouder, Founder of SWAYworkplace

As an executive in the financial services sector, Denise Brouder discovered that work can be unhealthful.

The demands of a high stress career, and the needs of her young and growing family, made Denise realize that people often suffer ill health from the work that they do.

Inspired to make work meaningful she founded SWAYworkplace, a professional community and career platform that enables overworked people to transition to, and succeed in, a flexible workplace.

Denise leads people to the meaningful work of their dreams while proving her case that work CAN make you healthy.

Growing up on the western coast of Ireland, Denise adopted a strong Irish work-ethic. Driven by talent and ambition, she got an executive-level job on Wall Street working for a premier financial services company. In striving to do her job well, and balance the work and non-work parts of her day, she embarked on a quest to make work healthy for herself and millions of other people in the American workforce.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The story behind SWAYworkplace and its mission to empower people at work. Starts at 2:01
  • The WHY moment when she discovered her passion for the future of work building a proactive and nurtured workplace. Starts at 3:51
  • How work can make you healthy. Starts at 16:53

Denise also discusses a future of work that is inclusive and reflects the value of workforce stakeholders:

“The future of work is no longer a top-down mechanism. [I think that] real, true, meaningful change and innovation is going to come from the bottom up in community type settings.”

About our guest:

Denise Brouder earned a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Limerick and an MBA in International Finance from Fordham University. She lives and works in the New York City suburbs of New Jersey.

EPISODE DATE: July 24, 2020

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