Guiding the Resilient Entrepreneur

Typical entrepreneurs focus on winning funding rounds and scaling revenue. However, one woman is now guiding the Resilient Entrepreneur to make the world a better place.

About this episode:

“[You] can have a business plan on paper, but then the first day that you start your business, everything changes. So, the skills of how:

  • flexible are you?
  • do you adapt?
  • you take things as not going your way?

are learning opportunities.”

– Regina Bernal, Entrepreneurship Manager for the University of San Diego

In this episode, we meet Regina Bernal. Regina is the University of San Diego School of Business’ Entrepreneurship Manager. She guides student entrepreneurs to think beyond typical start-up business metrics to more meaningful ends.

Simply stated, she is guiding the Resilient Entrepreneur.

Regina leads a movement that promotes entrepreneurs who are hell bent on launching successful and scalable businesses while creating better outcomes for the planet, people, and communities.

In this episode, Regina describes:

  • The mission behind her role as University of San Diego School of Business’ Entrepreneurship Manager. Starts at 2:08
  • Challenges faced by today’s entrepreneurs whose purpose is affected by the pandemic. Starts at 3:34
  • The Resilient Entrepreneur. Starts at 11:03
  • How the gift of time may benefit socially distanced student entrepreneurs. Starts at 17:13
  • Her public speaking and writing experiences. Starts at 21:44

Regina also offers up the story behind guiding the Resilient Entrepreneur:

“When we decided that we weren’t going to have our big pitch competition, we thought how can we continue to add value right now to our students and pivot into something that they immediately need and can support them [with]? That’s when we thought about resiliency.”

About our guest:

Regina Bernal received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Masters of Science in Leadership from the University of San Diego. She is a passionate member of the San Diego start-up community, a TEDx speaker, and a thought-leader who publishes commentaries on entrepreneurship. Regina lives and works in San Diego, California.

EPISODE DATE: July 31, 2020

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