The Drive for Meaningful Work

New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink writes that autonomy, mastery, and purpose drive our pursuit of meaningful work.

About this episode:

“[The idea] that if you simply dangle money in front of people and they will perform better is a fundamentally erroneous proposition.”

– Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink inspires our future of work and meaningful work thought-leadership.

The author of DRIVE: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us demonstrates how autonomy, mastery, and purpose lead people to pursue meaningful work and careers.

In good economies and bad, what drives us to live and work remains unchanged.

Millions in the American workforce adjust to working from home, or suffer through job loss. Yet often, their motivations drive them towards positive purpose and meaning.

In this episode, we discuss how:

  • Autonomy, mastery, and purpose motivations take root in our lives. Starts at 2:07
  • Corporate managers often believe that money is the only work-performance motivator. Starts at 5:06
  • The pandemic affects our thoughts. Starts at 10:44
  • Answering “what is my sentence?” can aid your purpose and meaningful work career goals. Starts at 22:00
  • Regret can help improve our lives and work. Starts at 25:58

About our guest:

Daniel Pink earned a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from Northwestern University and a Juris Doctorate from Yale Law School where he edited the Yale Law and Policy Review. Currently, he is writing a seventh book on the subject of regret. Daniel lives and works in Washington, D.C.

EPISODE DATE: August 7, 2020

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