Novel Venues Reimagine the Workplace

Dan Rosenzweig appears on the podcast, to describe how novel venues reimagine the workplace.

There are many players in co-working. But among them, KettleSpace turned a glaring problem, underutilized spaces such as hotel lobbies and restaurants, into dazzling places to work.

As co-founder of KettleSpace, Dan wants to give people who work:

“[the opportunity] to choose their WHERE, so that they can achieve and focus on their WHYs.”

Currently in the United States, over one billion square feet of commercial space lies vacant, because the pandemic has pivoted millions of workforce professionals from co-located offices to remote workplaces. Some of them now prefer to work from home, but others find that they need to achieve a sense of place and community. And that’s where KettleSpace comes to their aid.

In a wide ranging discussion, Dan:

  • Describes the origin story and business model for Kettle Space. Starts at 2:31
  • Illustrates how the KettleSpace experience enhances the workday. Starts at 5:34
  • Explains the draw for a sense of place and community. Starts at 7:04
  • Speaks to the pandemic’s impact on restaurants and other service businesses, and, tackles the question: “are big cities dead?” Starts at 12:23
  • Reimagines applications for the billions in square feet of vacant commercial space. Starts at 17:49
  • Tees up KettleSpace metros beyond New York City. Starts at 28:09

Tackling the sad effect of so much vacant retail space, Dan says:

“[As people], we can read a vibe. And the vibe of vacant retail space is [we’re not] open for business.”

Clearly, in the future of work, novel venues reimagine the workplace to support people and needy businesses.

About our guest:

Dan Rosenzweig earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History from Vanderbilt University. Prior to co-founding KettleSpace, he worked for other co-working providers. Dan lives and works in New York City.

EPISODE DATE: February 19, 2021

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