A Brilliant Future at Transformed Workplaces

Future of work thought-leader Nellie Hayat describes a brilliant future at transformed workplaces.

Nellie is the Head of Workplace Transformation for VergeSense.

Her mission is to empower companies to reimagine their workplaces so that their talent thrive in them, wherever they may be located.

Since the start of Covid lockdowns one year ago, the American workplace has permanently changed.

No longer do the majority of workforce professionals commute to co-located offices. Now, many prefer to work from home, or remotely.

In this wide ranging discussion, Nellie:

  • Discusses the scope of her work as VergeSense’s Head of Workplace Transformation. Starts at 2:06
  • Describes the reimagined workplace. Starts at 5:17
  • Explains what big hiring firms can learn and adopt from workplace transformation achieved by Microsoft and other Silicon Valley companies. Starts at 7:10
  • Informs the intentional changes happening to headquarters design. Starts at 9:28
  • Imagines the ways commercial real estate will pivot as a result of pandemic-caused workforce shifts. Starts at 13:37

Of the brilliant future at transformed workplaces, Nellie says:

“[We were] all living on a dream that the [co-located] workplace is the only place where you can deliver your best work. And Covid proved us wrong. Actually, people, if they are supported by their leadership, can work anywhere.”

About our guest:

Nellie Hayat earned an MBA in Industrial Engineering and Management from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. She lives and works in the Bay Area of California.

EPISODE DATE: February 26, 2021

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