The Fourth Act Career

Dan Smolen and podcast guest Achim Nowak delve into the Fourth Act Career.

In his first career act, Achim was a successful New York City-based theatrical director who, as a workaholic, sought perfection.

But a vision of a white house on a tropical island soon captivated his dreams.

Achim’s dreamy vision turned into reality. He found that white house on the tropical island of Tobago and moved in. As a result, he left the stage and his life in New York City. While on Tobago, Achim became an accomplished windsurfer.

But later on, needing a steady income, Achim moved back to New York to become a mediator. And that professional experience pivoted him to next act work that included helping CEOs and other C-suite executives, to:

“Show up with relaxed authority and amplify [their] personal influence for great success.”

Now, into his fourth act career, Achim has added to his résumé joyful work experiences. He is host and executive producer of the My Fourth Act Podcast; Achim interviews a wide array of professionals who, in their fourth career acts, do the work of their dreams. And, during 2021, he interviewed me on his podcast about my fourth act.

In an engaging and wide-ranging podcast discussion, Achim:

  • Describes the My Fourth Act Podcast and the work he does for senior executives. Starts at 5:14
  • Relives his first, second and third career acts. Starts at 7:34
  • Explains how his career in theater as a director impacts his current work with corporate executives. Starts at 14:39
  • Discusses the experiential commonalities that bubble up amongst his fourth act guests. Starts at 16:23
  • Illustrates a day in the life of his fourth act. Starts at 21:49
  • Takes us through what he believes Generation Z and the cohorts that follow may find profound and meaningful about the future of work. Starts at 29:02

This we know: the fourth act career is quite often personally satisfying and professionally fulfilling.

About our guest:

Achim Nowak earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Theater Arts from the George Washington University, and, a Masters of Arts in Organizational Psychology and International Relations from New York University. He lives and works in Hollywood, Florida.

EPISODE DATE: February 4, 2022

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