Workplace Trends for 2022

Dan Smolen discusses workplace trends for 2022 with Kettle’s Dan Rosenzweig.

Most notably, Dan explains two trends this year with the biggest workplace impact: the clubhouse as the office and pop-up venues for work.

On one hand, clubhouses enable professional talent to gather safely and with engagement. On the other, pop-up venues allow companies to reassemble team members in laboratory-like settings. Pop-ups help people re-learn people skills and test out new leadership models.

In a wide ranging interview, Dan:

  • Describes the clubhouse as the office model. Starts at 4:48
  • Summarizes insight gathered from Kettle’s research. Starts at 12:24
  • Discusses the Great Resignation and how pop-up space can be used to empower people at work. Starts at 15:30
  • Explains how Human Resources or HR can be used to foster team leadership in intentional workplaces. Starts at 27:09

The workplace trends for 2022 signal a bright future of work.

About our guest:

Dan Rosenzweig earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History from Vanderbilt University. Prior to co-founding Kettle, he worked for other co-working providers. Dan lives and works in the suburbs of New York City.

EPISODE DATE: February 11, 2022

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