Mastering the Digital Workplace

Dan Smolen discusses mastering the digital workplace with podcaster Neil Miller.

He helps careerists to make sense of digital workplace innovations, to be truly intentional in the future of work.

Neil calls himself a “thought stealer.” Actually, he is a best-practices synthesizer. Neil helps people and companies to succeed in the digital workplace.

What is more, his journey through life and career is unusual. With a college degree in religious studies, Neil moved to India. There, he supported top clients with content development. His dazzling experiences living and working there shaped his thought-leadership.

In a wide ranging discussion, Neil:

  • Describes his work and the value proposition of The Digital Workplace. Starts at 4:15
  • Takes us through his adventurous move to India, to live and work. Starts at 5:06
  • Summarizes the 5 Levels of a Digital Workplace. Starts at 10:20
  • Supports how untraditional life and work experiences foster future work leadership. Starts at 20:21
  • Discusses how perpetual learning impacts workforce professionals. Starts at 22:35
  • Relates the core skills he hopes to see scale in the workplace. Starts at 26:44

Mastering the digital workplace. It is critical for success in the future of work.

About our guest:

Neil Miller earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Lincoln Christian University. He lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana.

EPISODE DATE: February 18, 2022

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