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How Can I Remote Work Outside of My Home?

On What’s Your Work Fit we pose this viewer question: How Can I Remote Work Outside of My Home?

Our guest is Amina Moreau.

Amina is the CEO and co-founder of Radious, an online marketplace that turns houses, apartments, and other residential properties into collaborative workspaces, rentable by the day.

As Amina describes Radious, “we’re like Airbnb and WeWork had a baby.” And the platform is getting high praise from guests who need to secure great venues to work and hosts looking for income from their residential properties.

Our viewer May lives with her partner in a “shoebox sized” apartment of less than 400 square feet. She’s been granted remote work privileges by her boss. But she laments that working from her and her partner’s tiny living quarters is difficult if not impossible. So May asks: “How can I remote work OUTSIDE of my home?”

Amina provides the stunning positive value proposition for Radious and describes how it is catching on in array of post-pandemic workplace options for companies and the people who work for them.

During this information packed episode, Amina also answers “what’s your work fit?’ Her personal vision surely will resonate with many career professionals.

About our guest:

Amina Moreau is a serial entrepreneur, startup founder, and leading thought-leader in the future of work and workplace. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

This episode originated as a live show on April 26, 2023. You can watch the show in its entirety on the What’s Your Work Fit YouTube Channel.

EPISODE DATE: May 5, 2023

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