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Will Women Lead Future Work?

Dan Smolen asks internationally recognized Corporate Diva Dipika Trehan: will women lead future work?

A self-described “philanthrepreneur,” Dipika promotes the health, wellness, and professional success of women across the globe.

Her brands, the H.O.W. Forum and Corporate Diva, work across many verticals of holistic employee well-being and female empowerment. As Dipika explains:

“Women are looking for two things which they don’t deservingly receive: one is dignity of labor and the other is respect.”

In a wide-ranging discussion, Dipika:

  • Describes her personal and professional background, the H.O.W. [Health of Women] Forum, and Corporate Diva. Starts at 4:26
  • Digs into research about the challenges facing professional women. Starts at 9:30
  • Supports the promise of women in the workforce. Starts at 14:43
  • Explains why the workplace needs more women leaders. Starts at 15:39
  • Offers reasons why “Male Samaritans” should support professional women. Starts at 23:05

Will women lead future work? We contend that it is a likely outcome.

About our guest:

Dipika Trehan earned a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics from Lady Irwin College New Delhi and an MBA from the Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad. She is an ET Now Top Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader (2020) and alumna of the Innovation in Women’s Health Program, Mashav (Israel). Dipika lives and works in Bangalore, India.

EPISODE DATE: February 25, 2022

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Mastering the Digital Workplace

Dan Smolen discusses mastering the digital workplace with podcaster Neil Miller.

He helps careerists to make sense of digital workplace innovations, to be truly intentional in the future of work.

Neil calls himself a “thought stealer.” Actually, he is a best-practices synthesizer. Neil helps people and companies to succeed in the digital workplace.

What is more, his journey through life and career is unusual. With a college degree in religious studies, Neil moved to India. There, he supported top clients with content development. His dazzling experiences living and working there shaped his thought-leadership.

In a wide ranging discussion, Neil:

  • Describes his work and the value proposition of The Digital Workplace. Starts at 4:15
  • Takes us through his adventurous move to India, to live and work. Starts at 5:06
  • Summarizes the 5 Levels of a Digital Workplace. Starts at 10:20
  • Supports how untraditional life and work experiences foster future work leadership. Starts at 20:21
  • Discusses how perpetual learning impacts workforce professionals. Starts at 22:35
  • Relates the core skills he hopes to see scale in the workplace. Starts at 26:44

Mastering the digital workplace. It is critical for success in the future of work.

About our guest:

Neil Miller earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Lincoln Christian University. He lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana.

EPISODE DATE: February 18, 2022

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Workplace Trends for 2022

Dan Smolen discusses workplace trends for 2022 with Kettle’s Dan Rosenzweig.

Most notably, Dan explains two trends this year with the biggest workplace impact: the clubhouse as the office and pop-up venues for work.

On one hand, clubhouses enable professional talent to gather safely and with engagement. On the other, pop-up venues allow companies to reassemble team members in laboratory-like settings. Pop-ups help people re-learn people skills and test out new leadership models.

In a wide ranging interview, Dan:

  • Describes the clubhouse as the office model. Starts at 4:48
  • Summarizes insight gathered from Kettle’s research. Starts at 12:24
  • Discusses the Great Resignation and how pop-up space can be used to empower people at work. Starts at 15:30
  • Explains how Human Resources or HR can be used to foster team leadership in intentional workplaces. Starts at 27:09

The workplace trends for 2022 signal a bright future of work.

About our guest:

Dan Rosenzweig earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History from Vanderbilt University. Prior to co-founding Kettle, he worked for other co-working providers. Dan lives and works in the suburbs of New York City.

EPISODE DATE: February 11, 2022

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The Fourth Act Career

Dan Smolen and podcast guest Achim Nowak delve into the Fourth Act Career.

In his first career act, Achim was a successful New York City-based theatrical director who, as a workaholic, sought perfection.

But a vision of a white house on a tropical island soon captivated his dreams.

Achim’s dreamy vision turned into reality. He found that white house on the tropical island of Tobago and moved in. As a result, he left the stage and his life in New York City. While on Tobago, Achim became an accomplished windsurfer.

But later on, needing a steady income, Achim moved back to New York to become a mediator. And that professional experience pivoted him to next act work that included helping CEOs and other C-suite executives, to:

“Show up with relaxed authority and amplify [their] personal influence for great success.”

Now, into his fourth act career, Achim has added to his résumé joyful work experiences. He is host and executive producer of the My Fourth Act Podcast; Achim interviews a wide array of professionals who, in their fourth career acts, do the work of their dreams. And, during 2021, he interviewed me on his podcast about my fourth act.

In an engaging and wide-ranging podcast discussion, Achim:

  • Describes the My Fourth Act Podcast and the work he does for senior executives. Starts at 5:14
  • Relives his first, second and third career acts. Starts at 7:34
  • Explains how his career in theater as a director impacts his current work with corporate executives. Starts at 14:39
  • Discusses the experiential commonalities that bubble up amongst his fourth act guests. Starts at 16:23
  • Illustrates a day in the life of his fourth act. Starts at 21:49
  • Takes us through what he believes Generation Z and the cohorts that follow may find profound and meaningful about the future of work. Starts at 29:02

This we know: the fourth act career is quite often personally satisfying and professionally fulfilling.

About our guest:

Achim Nowak earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Theater Arts from the George Washington University, and, a Masters of Arts in Organizational Psychology and International Relations from New York University. He lives and works in Hollywood, Florida.

EPISODE DATE: February 4, 2022

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