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How Do I Turn My Layoff Into Career Advantage?

On What’s Your Work Fit we pose this viewer question: How Do I Turn My Layoff Into Career Advantage?

Our guest is Mike Faber.

Mike is a veteran learning and development professional who designs and facilitates leadership and training programming for sales professionals.

In January 2023, he was laid off from his full-time executive role. So, we ask Mike: How Do I Turn My Layoff Into Career Advantage?

Over five years on-the-job, What’s Your Work Fit? viewer Helen immersed herself in her work and workplace. Last month she was laid off.

And management assured her that her severance was not due to a performance issue, but rather for broader corporate-wide cutbacks. During her tenure, she never considered the possibility of a layoff. And now she’s wondering: how do I turn my layoff into a career advantage?

During this information packed episode, Mike also answers “what’s your work fit?’ His personal vision surely will resonate with many career professionals.

About our guest:

Mike Faber is a veteran learning and development professional. He lives and works in the Denver, Colorado area.

This episode originated as a live show on May 10, 2023. You can watch the show in its entirety on the What’s Your Work Fit YouTube Channel.

EPISODE DATE: May 19, 2023

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